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We share the observation that the current dominant agricultural model is incompatible with the major socio-environmental issues of our time. It is now fundamental to build production models based on regenerative agriculture to sustainably meet the food, climate, social and economic challenges of this century. We are working for the restoration of soils, the return of biodiversity and, in so doing, for greater carbon sequestration.

This is why

Amasisa creates and manages agroecological, agroforestry and forestry projects in France and South America in territories affected by deforestation and intensive agriculture.
Our mission is to restore soil fertility and biodiversity, to limit erosion and to optimize carbon sequestration, all of which are essential steps in the return of an ecosystemic and landscape balance.
These objectives can only be achieved by including our projects in an integrated approach, so that each actor in the value chain participates in the sustainability of our future production and therefore consumption models.
Amasisa is a company whose DNA is deeply rooted in the values of the Social Economy. We have obtained the French State’s label as an ESUS Company (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilisé Sociale).
Erythrina fusca amasisa


Erythrina Amasisa is a leguminous tree found in the Amazon, the endemic cocoa basin. Leguminous trees such as the amasisa are used in our agroforestry systems for their capacity to fix nitrogen, to stabilize the soil thanks to their root system and to provide the necessary shade for the good development of our plants. The Peruvians rightly call it the mother of the cocoa tree (Madre del cacao).